4 best ideas to organise children’s birthday party

The theme parties are fashionable, and the kids love to watch them on your birthday your favorite characters are present… or reflected passions! When children are still very young, they are not usually fans of any particular character, but they do like animals a lot. If this is the case of your little ones, you can be inspired by these 4 children’s animal parties to organize a themed birthday that will leave them open-mouthed.

We can organize a farm-themed party, a jungle birthday, be inspired by a particular animal like the crocodile or organize a birthday for girls with little animals. Surely some of these ideas will inspire you, do you want to see them?

The little ones love the farm animals: sheep, cows, piglets, chicks and horses will conquer all the guests. In this party that we show you, of which you can see more photos by clicking on the link below the image, they have based the decoration on the colours red and blue, and on the squares. Also look how cool the table decoration, with the cake placed on top of a farm model, trees and wagons to complete the decoration, beautiful!

Children’s animal parties: for girls

In general, when we think of an animal-themed party we believe that it is only for children, instead of varying some details it can be transformed into a perfect birthday for girls. In the children’s party in the photo, we can see that it is enough to add a touch of fuchsia to the decoration to make it more feminine. As you can see, achieving a decoration as beautiful as this is simple, with some toy animals, green cardboard sheets and printed drawings that we can download from the internet, the party is ready.

A detail of the sweet table; Instead of preparing different large cakes or sweets, mini-portions are a convenient and colourful solution. Repeat the dominant colours of the decoration also in the sweets, it will be very beautiful.

Children’s animal parties: crocodiles

We can also be guided by a particular animal, if our little one likes it a lot, as in the case of this crocodile birthday party that we showed you a while ago. Of course, the dominant colour will be green, which combined with brown and white looks great. You can see that really little is enough to obtain a result of great impact, combining the colours well.

You can play with the food. If the party is alligators, then add teeth to the cookies, look for sweets that remind you of the crocodile skin, or the eggs, what it eats, etc. Children will have a lot of fun and will want to eat more.

Children’s animal parties: in the jungle

Of course, a jungle-themed party could not be missing from our suggestions.

Covering the table legs with a curtain that simulates straws, will give it a more ‟wild look”, and will allow us to use the space under the table to put boxes with plates, glasses, and the things we need at the party, create different heights on the table with simple lined boxes as this helps us make better use of the space and make the dishes we have prepared look better a background, in this case, animal print, frames the table and turns it into a special corner.

A detail of the table: with simple lined boxes, decorated with some animals, we create a central point on the table where to display the cake, or in this case, the cupcakes, decorated with animal faces made with fondant. A simple and effective trick, right?

Children’s birthday parties with wild animals

We can also choose a reptile party in which Wild Rangers will bring Australia’s unique and fascinating native animals to your kids birthday party to educate and entertain both kids and adults! A reptile birthday party offers you and your guests a unique and unforgettable experience! This party is suitable for kids of all ages and kids can touch and hug amazing animals like saltwater crocodiles, big and small pythons, lizards, turtles, birds and possums. If you want to organize the perfect wildlife birthday party featuring amazing native animals including reptiles, birds and mammals, you can get in touch with Wild Rangers.

What do you think of these ideas for animal themed parties? There is something for all tastes, and as we always tell you, the main ingredient is our creativity, let yourself be inspired and create your own magnificent party! 

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