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4 best ideas to organise children’s birthday party

The theme parties are fashionable, and the kids love to watch them on your birthday your favorite characters are present… or reflected passions! When children are still very young, they are not usually fans of any particular character, but they do like animals a lot. If this is the case of your little ones, you […]

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Facts You Must Know about Olive Oil Festival

Olive oil Harvest Festival is one of the most popular festivals of San Quirico. This festival, known as green gold by the locals, comes in December. Olive oil festival takes place between December 8 and December 10. How is the olive oil festival being observed? This festival such as the Nullamunjie Harvest Festival mainly focuses […]

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Ideas for Painting Your Children’s Cubby House

When you buy a cubby house for your children, the cubby house is unpainted. This is to allow you choose your preferred color. In case it is for a male child, you will go with a color that is in line. If it belongs to a female child, you’ll do same. And if it’s a […]

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  • Exhibitors

    We are delighted to announce that the 2009 event has more than doubled the number of exhibitors with representation from over 50 food wine and beer producers from across the North East, including the renowned Beechworth, Rutherglen, Milawa and King Valley regions as well as the emerging, Ovens Valley, Kiewa Valley and Glenrowan areas. Following is a list of the producers you will meet.

    Amulet Vineyard and Beechworth Cider -

    Walkabout Apiaries
    Anderson Winery -

    King River Estate Wines

    Beechworth Honey -
    Auldstone cellars

    Tawonga Vineyard -
    Rutherglen Estates
    Tinkers Hill Vineyard and Cellar Door

    Beechworth Bakery -
    Chestnut Growers Australia

    Beechworth Brewers -

    Wood Park Wines
    Osborn Olives
    Baileys of Glenrowan

    Boyntons -
    The Daily Scoop
    The Pickled Sisters
    Milawa Cheese Company
    Campbells Wines
    Beechworth Provedor
    Politini Wines
    Stanley Apple growers coperative
    Gundowring Ice Cream
    Pfeiffers Wines
    Wicked Pancakes
    Sandy Creek Trees
    Gracebrook Vineyard
    Wangaratta Kebabs
    Indigo Wines
    Blue Ox Berries
    Boggy Creek Wines
    Cocktails in Chocolate
    Latrobe Sambals Restaurant
    GiGi's of Beechworth
    Louisa Morris Cakes
    Sweet Water Brewing
    Passchendale Verjuice
    Fighting Gully Wines

    Kancoona Valley Wnes -
    Vera lLvendar
    Murray Brewers
    Pedal to Produce
    Provincial Pantry
    Annapurna estate
    Renaissance Chocolates
    Creative Wood Fired Catering
    Dalzotto Wines and
    Annapurna estate wines