Facts You Must Know about Olive Oil Festival

Olive oil Harvest Festival is one of the most popular festivals of San Quirico. This festival, known as green gold by the locals, comes in December. Olive oil festival takes place between December 8 and December 10.

How is the olive oil festival being observed?

This festival such as the Nullamunjie Harvest Festival mainly focuses on soft colors. It looks amazing with a great combination of green and yellow. They use smoky grey scarves, ochre-colored carpets, tobacco-colored sheets, and subtle colors like yellow and green spread all over the hillsides to create a distinct impression to welcome this festival. All these decorations are meant to indicate the cycle of seasons changes. There are some specific decorations made for olive oil festival. However, you will find a different look always with a filigree of light as if it is coming from the moon to create an eternal feeling. The entire hillside creates this unique feeling throughout the year.

They observe this festival to welcome olive trees. The locals find olive trees precious and useful. These trees are humble, contorted, and simple. They offer a number of benefits. The locals believe that olive oil is the easiest and simplest way to prepare delicious and tasty food. They find a reason to celebrate this tree.

What is the history of this festival?

The olive oil festival is only two decade and a half history, as Nullamunjie. But it has received much popularity within such a short period. In 1993, some people created an innovative idea to celebrate olive oil tree. It started with a noble idea to celebrate the great tree for offering a number of benefits.

The celebration started in 1993 and it is continuing till now with some improvements. Now more people are participating in this celebration to thank olive trees. The celebration is being observed by soft colors, different types of food, and a lot of other ingredients. All the locals including musicians, fire eaters, the jugglers, and stilt walkers observe this festival in a unique manner.

They will have food, music, and entertainment like any other festival. The beauty of this festival is the Nullamunjie olive oil tree. The olive oil tree will be seen everywhere in the village and streets of the San Quirico. You can also find these trees in the shops, bar, cellars, and any other least expected places. You can get them from bruschetta to bruschetta while visiting one place to another.

The name of the festival justifies the decoration. San Quirico looks beautiful and admirable during this season. You can take the help of a local guide to visit the popular place and to enjoy the serene of olive oil festival. You can compare the decorations and can find innovations every time you visit this place on this specific occasion.

You will find a great combination of nutrition and toning effect the olive oil tree is popular for. The festival has a genuine motive to appreciate the benefits of the olive oil tree that helps people to get a healthy body and youth and young looking skin. Every year, the village finds most of the foreigners to celebrate the olive oil festival and to make it memorable forever.

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