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The Harvest Celebration is not only a festival representing more than 50 producers from across the region, but is only made possible through the collaboration and hard work of more than 40 hard working community volunteers.

Without the generosity of the magnificent volunteer team during the event, the Harvest Celebration simply can't happen.

There are many ways you can be involved - here are just a few volunteer tasks you can assist with:

Entry Gate

Rostered in two-hour blocks at either end of the event perimeter, those at the entry gate give visitors their first impression of the Harvest Celebration, so it is vital that they are  warm, inviting and jovial. Sheltered under a small tent, they are responsible for taking the $20 entry fee from all visitors who are over 12 years old. They also ensure locals enter at the reduced entry price of $10. Gate entry volunteers hand out the festival program to each visitor and stamp the hands of those wanting a leave pass. The festival needs five 'two hours blocks' filled at the entry gate between 9am-5pm Saturday.

Glass Sellers

Standing alongside the gate entry volunteers in the entry tent, the glass sellers are required to do two-hour shifts, encouraging visitors to take up the offer of a Plumm harvest glass for $5.00 each. Glass sellers must explain to visitors arriving that they are unable to sample any of the wines at the event without a purchased glass and that they receive a $2 refund if they return their glass.

Raffle Ticket Sellers

Based under a small marquee next to the gate entry, the raffle sellers are rostered in one-hour blocks, selling tickets for $2 each, with the profits returned to the operation of the Harvest Celebration. The prize is a wheelbarrow filled with one piece of produce from each of the operators.

Set-up and pack-up teams

On Friday evening from 5-7pm and on Saturday morning various tasks need multiple hands on deck to complete them. Without a well-staffed set-up team, the Harvest Celebration will not be ready to go when visitors arrive at 10am on Saturday.

Friday Night Set Up
Friday night set-up team volunteers are required at the event site from 5pm.

~ Bin distribution - 1 person, 30 minutes
~ Bunting - 2 people, 1 hour
~ Signage - 2 people, 1 hour
~ Set-up of entry marquees - 2 people, 20 minutes
~ Set-up of kids activities tent - 2 people, 10 minutes
~ Set-up of band tent - 2 people, 10 minutes
~ Set-up of raffle tent - 2 people, ten minutes

Saturday Morning Set Up
Saturday set-up team volunteers are required at the event site from 7am.

~ Distribution of tables to exhibitor sites - 2 people ,30 minutes
~ Placement of exhibitor titles in marquee - 1 person, 20 minutes
~ Gate entry decoration - 1 person, 30 minutes
~ Marquee decoration - 4 people, 1.5 hours

Saturday Afternoon Pack Up
~ Rubbish bin pack-up - 2 people, 20 minutes
~ Bunting dismantle - 2 people, 30 minutes
~ Rubbish removal - 2 people, 20 minutes
~ Sign pack-up - 1 person, 20 minutes

To register your interest as a volunteer please complete the following form and we will be in touch shortly.

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